Newer Bible Version Errors?

I studied this topic myself over a period of 8 years and decided to take Greek and Hebrew training during that time in order to do some interpreting myself of what the original Greek Bible text says. After all there are over 160 English Bible versions out there today. Which one is the best one to be using, I wondered?
I had also found that my memorization of scripture had become hampered by a mishmash of version of scripture and I wanted to decide which version I should be memorizing from.

In 2009 my studies were brought to fruition in the form of a book entitled “Illumination or illusion?” The Book examined the issues underlying New Testament translation primarily. That book is available under our web store and it will soon be available on AMAZON.

This series of videos I found to be quite good but I do not make the same conclusion that the only good version is the KJV as they do. However I do agree with them that the KJV is a very good translation and perhaps the best. I must admit a bias here in that I spent 2010 producing the SKJV with the help of 2 retired Professors, Dr. Harold McCarthy and Ron Wilson. You may also obtain a copy of the gospel of John in the SKJV (Simplified King James Version) which we produced at our Web store under Freebies. Pray for us as we intend to complete the Old Testament portion sometime in 2014.

Let me know what you think of the points that are raised by this video.

God Bless,
Ray Luff


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