Study the life of Abraham

If you have a blog and if you are a subscriber to LOGOS bible software, you may wish to post a blog entry similar to this at your website. They will give you a free copy of this e-book if you do.  My reason for posting this here is two fold.

1. I believe Christians should dig into their Old Testaments. Jesus preached from the Old Testament when he explained the Messiah (himself) to the men on the road to Emmaus.

2. There are a lot of moral issues that are discussed in the Old Testament which would enhance your knowledge to be able to counter the claims of the skeptical society in which we live and interact each day.

I have provided a link to the page that offers this book as a freebie to those that repost it. (It only works if you buy the Bible software however. You may also wish to explore the Bible software. It is the most expensive Bible software out there but if you can afford it, it is also the best.



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