The Errors of the KJV

Ray: The KJV Bible in my opinion is the most accurate translation from the Greek New Testament, Greek Septuagint (Old Testament) and Hebrew Old Testament sources (Not neccessarilly Masoretic). I along with Dr. Harold McCarthy as my main reviewer have been preparing an updated KJV type of Bible since 2010 (four years now) which we are calling the SKJV (Simplified King James Version). We believe this will be a more accurate KJV type of Bible than was accomplished by the NKJV (New King James Version). We also believe this version will be more accurate than the KJV Bible itself. The following video will give you an idea of some of the issues with the KJV Bible that we have dealt with in the production of the SKJV.

For those wishing to learn about the SKJV, look under Freebies in the above tool bars to download a free example of the SKJV Gospel of John and SKJV Steps of the Christ (Which is a harmony of the gospels in linear format.). These are also avaiable for download at under Freebies.

I wish to also point out that I do not agree with some of the conclusions of the video particularly regarding salvation. There are some aspects to salvation and sanctification that are future looking. However these future aspects are guaranteed to the one who confesses and repents of their sin and invites Christ to come into their life. Read John 14. The Holy Spirit comes in to dwell forever. Read Ephesians 1.13-14, 4.30. The Holy Spirit is our guarantee of salvation. Salvation is not based on our merit but on the merit of the Lord Jesus Christ and His shed blood alone.


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