Our History

Bible Door Tracts was one of the first Bible based websites on the internet starting in the early 199o’s. The site started out as Bible Door Links and featured links to as many Christian sites as possible. The intent of its author (yours truly) was to assist in sermon preparation when away from home, travelling with only a laptop. (Away from my Bible based library at home.)  Links to Bible search engines and other Wiki type resourses and libraries made our site quite popular for many years. At one point we were getting 1.5 percent of internet traffic whenever anyone searched the word “Bible” (In our hey day).

Later on the site was renamed to Bible Door Tracts. We featured 300 downloadable .mp3 sermons and approximately 80 tracts that we published.

In the mid 2005 onward we joined our publishing activity with International Chrsitian Crusade and we began to publish booklets and later books that could be purchased online. Some of our books we also made available as free downloadable e-books. We established at this time two blogs.

1) http://Bibledoor.blogspot.com and

2) http://icctruth.blogspot.com

Over the years our site has been used as a place to link to for resources by other Missions and churches.  Most recently we have partnered with MATE / FCC providing this service for them to assist in training indigeneous pastors in third world countries. We subsequently maintain their website for them as well


To contact us send an email to: bibledoor@rogers.com

Let us know if our links, tracts, sermons, videos are of use as a link to your Christian organization.

Your fellow servant,

Ray Luff


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