Ray Luff

Just a brief Christian autobiography about myself. (For info about my business life see my business website http://luffassociates.wordpress.com)

I was born in Toronto in 1959. Until age 8 my parents rasied me in government subsidized housing while my Father continued his education to become a Certified General Accountant. My familly became interested in attending a small Christian Brethren assembly near Yorkdale Mall called Bethany Bible Chapel as a result of our neighbours Ray and Hellen Crews telling my parents that the chapel had prayed for our familly while I was in the hospital having had one of several asthma attacks that I had as a child. I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal saviour at age 5 after I saw the change in my parents life who had done likewise. I was water baptized at age 9. I learned that “As a child you have known the scriptures that are able to make you wise unto salvation. (2 Tim. 3.15)” which was the verse I was told at my baptizm was my life verse that I should always take comfort in. (I think the older ones took comfort in it as well that I had responded at an early age to the Good News of Jesus Christ.)

Later when I reached my youth I read the entire Bible from cover to cover for the first time when I was 13 years of age. I also received some good mentors in the persons of Loren Gordon and Stuart Wilson who encouraged me in Christian Camping and in learning to win others to Christ through church coffeehouse programs and in Billy Graham and Campus Crusade type campaign. At my high school I began to be known as “the Preacher”. Several of my friends were led to Christ at that time.

At age 16 I got involved in the high school ISCF group as one of its bible study leaders and i became one of the youth leaders in my local assembly. I began to travel from Richmond Hill to downtown Toronto at this time to hand out tracts near the Yonge and Bloor area on street corners. One night two homeless men professed Christ when I gave them a message about “living water”. (as oposed to alcohol which was their reason for homelessness). As it turns out one of the two men seems to have had a real conversion. He wanted me to meet him again and we agreed that I would visit the Yonge Street Mission where he frequented to meet him again. When I arrived at the Yonge Street Mission they had met with this man and had come to the belief that he truly had been completely changed by his encounter with Christ. They told me they had worked with him for years having seen no change before in him. And they welcomed me to make the Mission the home for my attempts at evangelism in Toronto. I remained with Yonge Street Mission for 12 years after that. For seveal years I headed up the volutneers at their coffeehouse program. Several others also came to Christ during that time but there came a time when I had to leave to pursue career goals. I had a computer store i was operating go under and I had to provide for my familly which became the pressing need for many years in which my Christian involvements subsided.

As I reached my late 30′s I had accomplished many of my career goals and was well under way to raising a familly with my wife Valerie. In my travels in the USA on business I stayed with clients for 6 months at a time flying home on alternate weeknends only. During that time I began to purchase e-books for my laptop computer and to study intensly the Bible and other writings related to the Bible. I began to get opportunity to speak in churches and I was asked to start a website so my Chrisitan friends from the USA could keep in touch with my ministry when I returned to Canada. That is when the http://www.bibledoor.com website was first introduced. It was a vast array of links to other sites at first where Christians could find online resources.

Because I called my site Bible Door pastors from foreign countries found my site and wished to discuss with me things related to the Bible. Thus an interest in mission began in me again only this time in foreign missions. I began to post tracts at my website which were in answer ot the questions that the pastors asked such as verses to support the doctrine of the trinity.

Interesting also around 2002 I was approaced by an internet character who called himself “the Infidel” through the now called Bible Door Tracts website. He hosted his own website which he called the “Atheist Network”. He invited me to come to his website to defend there my beliefs in Christianity. He warned me that many there have defeated other Theists that had come to them (in their thinking they had). I found going to his website like being Daniel entering into the lions den. I spent 2 years there intensly for several hours a day debating with atheists. At times there would over 90 of them responding to what I would say and sometimes another Chrsitian or two would join me. I became known in that community at that time as “Whitefox”. I tried to get help from other Chrsitian website chatrooms at this time to come and join me in debating Atheists but I found to my dissapointment that the majority of Christian debate communities were asking questions that indicated that they themselves were sceptics in many cases who did not have a correct understanding of the faith which they represent. So i began to refocus my efforts on reaching Christian youth as I came to believe that the youth are drifting from the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and becomming sceptics who at some point often leave the Church altogether and become hardened atheists. The statistic I discovered is that as maany as 75% of youth in churhes eventually leave the church.

I began to look for ways to get out my tracts and books that I was producing which each in some way was written to defend Christianity against scepticism. In 2005 I found John Radford who presided over “International Chrsitian Crusade” a ministry which existed since 1946 with the purpose of debating sceptics along the lines of Creation verses Evolution. For several years I began writing more materials related to dispelling doubts of Skeptics and I edited and published some of the materials previously published by International Christian Crusade. Eventually I was made President and the name was changed to “Investing in Christs Call”. In 2012 I left that organization taking with me the literature base that I have accumulated and I am currently pursuing ways and means of publishing the literature and I am currently partnering with MATE / FCC to do this.

The most important thing that motivates me in my life and that I hope will motivate the one reading this bio is the reality of the experience which occured for me when I was 5 years old and can occur for anyone reading this. The reality that I experienced is spoken of in the gospel of John in the New Testament.

In John 14 Jesus said that he would send a comforter (the Holy Ghost) to dwell with you forever. (This is meantioned again in Eph. 1.13 where it states that the Holy Ghost is our pledge of salvation (similar to receiving an engagement ring for the bride). Salvation is a reference to the lake of fire later on mentioned in Rev. 20. The person who is pledged salvation is guaranteed that they will be saved from the lake of fire. To sum it up if the Holy Spirit comes to dwell forever in a person it is experiential and it is all that is needed to escape God’s judgment. Jesus goes on further to state that if we read His Word and obey His commandments that He will manifest Himself in our lives and the Father will also manifest himself in our life. So becomming a Christian requires the beginning point to occur in which the Holy Ghost enters a persons life (forever) and then the Christian must read and obey the word so that he can portray Chist to the world around him.

When we encourage Christians to deepen their faith we are encouraging them to portray Christ to a lost world in which they come into contact every day. It is as important to do this as it is to contact the world directly. What we all must be doing if we have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us is manifesting Christ if we want to win a lost world to Him.


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