Authors Notes

At the end of the 2008 Federal Election in which I ran as a candidate for the Newmarket – Aurora riding I intended to write a book about what it was like to have run a campaign to promote my beliefs in Canada. Instead I was led eventually to ply my efforts in writing a book that examined the church as it relates to society called “the Church in a New Age”. I have not completed this book but I hope to get back to it later on and complete it. During the writing of this book it became apparent that one of the chapters warranted the production of a book of its own. I ended up producing the book “Illumination or Illusion”.

The Ilumination or Illusion book asks the question whether the changing of Bibles that has occurred since the 19th century have had an influence on the Church. As part of examining this topic I had prepared myself before hand by studying Greek and Hebrew at Canada Christian College and by the selection of excellent Greek and Hebrew translation reference books, because I wanted to compare modern versions of the Bible with what the original Greek and Hebrew says.

Upon completion of the Illumination book I decided to translate the gospel of John to find out first hand which of the 160 English versions of the Bible it most closely resembled when finished. This eventually resulted in the producing of the Simplified King James Version (SKJV). I decided to put KJV in the name because it most closely resembled the KJV New Testament only with more modern words used. I am working on the Old Testament version of this KJV revision. When finished in 2013 I hope to get back and complete the original book I was trying to write called “The Church in a New Age”. Another project also presents itself. That is to answer the questions that skeptics ask as commentary to a version of the SKJV Bible. I hope some day to also produce for this reason the “Answers to Sceptics SKJV Bible”.


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