Christian Apologetics in a nutshell are explanations which contrast the Christian World View with other World Views.

People are very religious. Often they do not realize how religious they are. It may be that you hold to a Worldview that for you is your religion. You may not even realize that you hold to a world view. We hope here to assist you in identifying your own world view. And we hope also to persuade you to join the Christian World View.

We could concentrate all of our efforts to tell you how to become a saved (from the lake of fire) believer in Jesus. We do that under the Topic Salvation Tracts. But telling you how to become a saved believer and expecting you to do it right away is as unrealistic as going on a first date and having the date propose marriage to you. You would not chose to marry someone without first getting to know them. Here we want to answer for you the question “Why should I believe in Jesus?” When your are ready to move on to “How can I become a saved believer in Jesus?” then we would encourage you to look over our Salvation tracts.


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