Study the life of Abraham

If you have a blog and if you are a subscriber to LOGOS bible software, you may wish to post a blog entry similar to this at your website. They will give you a free copy of this e-book if you do.  My reason for posting this here is two fold.

1. I believe Christians should dig into their Old Testaments. Jesus preached from the Old Testament when he explained the Messiah (himself) to the men on the road to Emmaus.

2. There are a lot of moral issues that are discussed in the Old Testament which would enhance your knowledge to be able to counter the claims of the skeptical society in which we live and interact each day.

I have provided a link to the page that offers this book as a freebie to those that repost it. (It only works if you buy the Bible software however. You may also wish to explore the Bible software. It is the most expensive Bible software out there but if you can afford it, it is also the best.



Newer Bible Version Errors?

I studied this topic myself over a period of 8 years and decided to take Greek and Hebrew training during that time in order to do some interpreting myself of what the original Greek Bible text says. After all there are over 160 English Bible versions out there today. Which one is the best one to be using, I wondered?
I had also found that my memorization of scripture had become hampered by a mishmash of version of scripture and I wanted to decide which version I should be memorizing from.

In 2009 my studies were brought to fruition in the form of a book entitled “Illumination or illusion?” The Book examined the issues underlying New Testament translation primarily. That book is available under our web store and it will soon be available on AMAZON.

This series of videos I found to be quite good but I do not make the same conclusion that the only good version is the KJV as they do. However I do agree with them that the KJV is a very good translation and perhaps the best. I must admit a bias here in that I spent 2010 producing the SKJV with the help of 2 retired Professors, Dr. Harold McCarthy and Ron Wilson. You may also obtain a copy of the gospel of John in the SKJV (Simplified King James Version) which we produced at our Web store under Freebies. Pray for us as we intend to complete the Old Testament portion sometime in 2014.

Let me know what you think of the points that are raised by this video.

God Bless,
Ray Luff

The Forbidden Book – History of The English Bible

This video was recommended to Bible Door by one of our readers. We have added an assortment of videos that talk about the English Bible and the underlying Greek and Hebrew Texts that the King James Bible is derived from.

I would also like to remind you to Be sure to download our free SKJV – Gospel of John sample from our e-store.

Our sister site

We are developing a sister website we are calling “Truth is what matters”. We hope to directly engage folks there regarding things in which worldviews collide. Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life”. Truth seems to be part of the invitation appeal being made by Jesus. It is said of Christ by the Apostle Paul that “God our saviour desires that all men might be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth”. It makes sense to us at Bible door that the world in general is leaning toward the idea that there is no absolute truth because for the most part the world is becoming increasingly affected by the false philosophy of Secular Humanism. The secular humanist cannot be confident in his ability to know the truth because truth does not exist without a knowledge of God and the world is increasingly rejecting the God of creation, our Lord Jesus Christ. “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the Word was God, and all things that are made were made by Him.”  Secular Humanism has taught today’s generation that Evolution is responsible for creation not Jesus. It has taught that there is no absolute truth because it is teaching there is no God.  If God is truth which Jesus claimed he is then there is no truth if there is no Jesus in a persons life. At least for the person lacking the experience of Jesus there is no truth.

Come and join us at as we discuss matters of truth, week by week. And come back to Bible Door often as we hope to post at least 80 tracts here. (about 10 are posted so far) and we are giving away a free gospel of John in the SKJV Simplified King James Version as well. And we hope to give a more Bible oriented set of links and emphasis at the Bible Door site. Also in future we will try to host some testimonies and sermons here as well.

You fellow servant,

Ray Luff

Welcome to Bible Door!

The Bible Door Tracts Website went down last summer due to some problems with a server. Unfortunately the primary and backup drives were compromised. So now we are starting the website up again from scratch.

Please return to us often. You can expect development of the site to change rapidly as we bring it back up.

We at Bible Door are interested in discussing with you the hope that we have within us, which is the hope of the ressurection. We have experienced the indwelling presence and manifestation of the Lord Jesus Christ and God the father which is made possible by becomming born again from above. We would be glad to introduce you to this. Email us at if you would like us to introduce you to a personal relationship that will change your whole life for eternity.