Free e-Books

Some of our books are made available here for free. These are not copyright free however. We do not give permission for them to be put on the internet anywhere other than our website. If you want to provide a link to these books you must put a link to this page and not to the resource itself.


What do you believe This book is based on a collection of tracts which ask you to examine what you believe and to contrast your belief with what God is asking you to believe.
The Early Church This book is based on a series of tracts which examine the Biblical basis and the historical clues regarding how the church was organized in the first century A.D..
Raising the Bar on Communion This book examines a tract put out by Vision Ministries which attempts to teach the Christian Brethren Assemblies of Canada that they should cease to practice the Lord’s Supper way in the manner that they currently practice it. Ray Luff rebutts their arguments using historical evidence and using Biblical references in his rebuttal. This booklet is also informative for any Christian that wonders what level of priority and significance the Lord’s Supper Meeting should hold for Christians today.
Evolution – Science Falsely so Called (A Handbook for Students) This booklet was written postumously by John R. Howwitt (1891 to 1985) who also served as president of ICC after he returied as superintendent of Ontario Hospital in Port Arthur. John received his M.B in 1917 and his M.D. in 1928, both at U. of Toronto. He specialized in psychiatry. In addition to membership in various medical societies he was a Fellow of the Royal college of Physicians and of the American Psychiatric Affiliation ASA (Later Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation CSCA). John remained anomnymous as this books author during his lifetime but later when the book was edited and re-published in 2009. At that time International Christian Crusade thought it important to lend credit back to the books original author.

This book has historical value in that it was handed to Dr. Gish who converted to a belief in Creation and then became Vice President of the Creation Research Society which was headed up by Dr. Henry Morris. Later Ken Ham came out of this organization to form Answers in Genesis. No library of books supporting Creationism is complete therefore without a copy of this book. It is also unique in that it uses the words of Evolutionists scientists themselves showing their contradictions in what they say in order to build it’s case against evolution. It is very sicentific in its approach and worthy of publication in the as a Science Journal but unfortunately there has been a long standing discrimination in the scientific community that prevents the truth of Creation Science to be given a voice in their so-called science publications..

WE PLAN TO MAKE THE BOOK AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD HERE. (You may also contact us to order it in printed form)

If you would like a printed copy of one of these ebooks please contact us. We do small custom runs on request of these books but we do not normally stock them as they are availalbe as e-books here free of charge.


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