SKJV John’s Gospel

The Simplified King James Version (SKJV) Bible will be made available for sale for IPADS, KINDLES and ANDROID tablets as a complete text at some point in the not too distant future. Until then we are making the Gospel of John available as a free .pdf download.

You may order the paper back edition of the SKJV New Testament now from our STORE if you wish.

Let us know if you want to go on a list to be notified when the e-SKJV New Testament is available. We will update those that receive the e-SKJV New Testament when its available will also receive a free upgrade to the complete e-SKJV Bible when the Old Testament is completed at a later date. (2013)

Notice: You may use this for your own enjoyment. Please do not repost it anywhere. You are welcome however to put a link to this webpage on your website or blog, facebook whatever.

The reason for the notice is that if we make any revisions to the text we do not want to have a problem with old copies floating around all over the internet. Please obey our wishes. This is a copyrighted work. It is not public domain. If you wish to receive the whole SKJV New Testament let us know. We intend to sell it for a small fee in electronic form. See our other listings for paper copies. Contact us at if you have any questions or would like either paper or electronic version of the entire New Testament.

CLICK HERE –> SKJV Intro and Gospel of John


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