Godly Living Series

Each day is another day in the path of our Lives. Each day we are faced with decisions to make which can affect our lives here on earth and can also affect us for all of eternity. In making life decisions an important question you should ask yourself is this. “Do I wish to be the master of my own destiny or am I willing to let God be the master of my destiny?” If the answer is the latter these tracts are for you.

Following Gods will


Disobeying God’s will

Same Sex Marriage
Self Love
Non Monogamy

Harm caused by one to another


Dealing with Sorrow



NOTE: These are downloadable .pdf tracts. They are meant to be printed on both sides of a single sheet of LETTER sized paper and then folded in 3 columns to make a flyer. Some of the smaller tracts are printed as two tracts per page. You must cut the page in half before folding these. If you wish to read the tract on the computer instead of printing it, you must go to the second page of the tract first and start in the right hand column, then return to the first page. (You may get the required Acrobat .pdf reader from the following website http://www.adobe.com)

Disclaimer: If something in one of the tracts offends you please don’t take it out on us as we are merely conveying what the Bible says for each topic. If you think we have misrepresented the Bible here please let us know. We would be glad to debate with you the correct understanding of the Bible and to adjust our tracts accordingly if necessary.


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