Are Canadians done with the Bible?

Ray: Did you know that 69% of Canadians say they are Christian, but only 11% say they read the Bible at lease once per month.


New Age Bible Versions

Ray: In promoting the following video, please do not hold me responsible if you find any errors in Gail’s message. Gail represents a stance that I do not take which is called KJV Onlyism. I take the stance that the TR Greek version from which the KJV Bible was produced can best be understood by knowing the Greek language. I would be called a TR Only advocate. Gail has been known to say that no-one today is qualified to know the Greek as well as the scholars of the KJV Committee did. She has explained her own lack of qualifications as a lack of need to have such qualifications. Nevertheless with her lack of qualifications she still gets her message correct most of the time (but not all of the time) and her message might get you to start thinking about this important topic.

Ray: Further related info. about my own interest in this topic.
A translation in my opinion can never give you a perfect rendering from the original language. Part of this is because of what is called “Semantic Domains”. A word in one language may have two meanings but the receptor language may have two different words one for each of the possible meanings from the original language. For this reason we lose some meaning no matter which receptor word we chose.

An example where the KJV Gets it right:
In Titus 3.10 where the KJV says that if a man is a heretic you should warn him twice and than have no more to do with him. The word Heretic was added to the English language by the KJV translators because there was no word in English to convey both “In Error” and “divisive” as the original Greek word “Hereticos” conveyed, so the translators added the Anglicized word for Hereticos to the English language, and produced the word “Heretic”. Newer Bibles unfortunately have reverted to the word “Divisive” and ignored the other definition by doing so “In Error”. This deficiency in translation by newer bible versions including by the NKJV has caused many innocent people to be driven out of churches simply based on their raising a question about what the particular local church is teaching. The Church in question, rather than having to explain to such individuals the reasons for their possible error, can just say “If you disagree with us you are being divisive and must leave after two warnings.” The warning may be only that the person disagreed without any requirement to find out if they were correct in disagreeing.” This is what happened to Martin Luther in his trying to educate the Catholic church as to errors that he saw in their adherence to the word of God. A person could be correct and not in error but asked to leave simply because they point out an error in the local church they attend. And with the current craze for Newer Bible versions (over 160 English ones now) I know personally of some instances where this has occurred that people have been excommunicated simply because they asked a question once too many times. Questions which the church felt no need to answer.

An example where the KJV could be improved upon as could other newer versions as well.
In John 21:15-17, Peter was asked by Jesus if he loved him 3x and he replied 3x that he did. In the Greek language he was asked if he loved Jesus 2x. He replied 2x that he had affection for Jesus. Then the 3rd time Jesus asked if he had affection for him and Peter broke down when Jesus lowered the question from love to affection.

Some of the products I hope to eventually sell at this website and on Amazon
I wrote a book in 2009 entitled “Illumination or Illusion – A comparative study of newer Bible versions.” After that I worked for the past 4 years producing the Simplified King James Version with the help of my good friend Dr. Harold McCarthy. This was an attempt to explore every word of the Bible to see what we should believe verse by verse. It sticks pretty close to the KJV except in instances where the Greek can be better understood by making the text a little more literal in its translation.

You can download a sample of the Gospel of John and check out the SKJV version regarding John 21:15-17 at the following link.

Both the SKJV and the Illumination book I hope to reprint and make available later this fall via Amazon. I will post here when they are available that way later this year. You can be added to a mail list by emailing me at r a y l u f f @ r o g e r s . c o m

The Errors of the KJV

Ray: The KJV Bible in my opinion is the most accurate translation from the Greek New Testament, Greek Septuagint (Old Testament) and Hebrew Old Testament sources (Not neccessarilly Masoretic). I along with Dr. Harold McCarthy as my main reviewer have been preparing an updated KJV type of Bible since 2010 (four years now) which we are calling the SKJV (Simplified King James Version). We believe this will be a more accurate KJV type of Bible than was accomplished by the NKJV (New King James Version). We also believe this version will be more accurate than the KJV Bible itself. The following video will give you an idea of some of the issues with the KJV Bible that we have dealt with in the production of the SKJV.

For those wishing to learn about the SKJV, look under Freebies in the above tool bars to download a free example of the SKJV Gospel of John and SKJV Steps of the Christ (Which is a harmony of the gospels in linear format.). These are also avaiable for download at under Freebies.

I wish to also point out that I do not agree with some of the conclusions of the video particularly regarding salvation. There are some aspects to salvation and sanctification that are future looking. However these future aspects are guaranteed to the one who confesses and repents of their sin and invites Christ to come into their life. Read John 14. The Holy Spirit comes in to dwell forever. Read Ephesians 1.13-14, 4.30. The Holy Spirit is our guarantee of salvation. Salvation is not based on our merit but on the merit of the Lord Jesus Christ and His shed blood alone.

The Septuagint or the Masoretic Hebrew?

Ray: This short youtube video describes some of the differences between the Septuagint (Greek Translation of the Old Testament) and the Hebrew text of the Old Testament. I post it to introduce the topic. I hope to in time put some comments of my own here on this topic.

Are modern Bibles preparing us for One World Order?

Are newer Bible versions preparing the church for One World Order?

The Lords Supper Meeting.

I have been asked by several pastors to describe how the Plymouth Brethren conduct a Lords Supper Meeting. It must be noted that other Brethren groups also conduct this meeting in the same manner (The Indian Brethren for example.) It is believed that the pattern which follows 1 Corinthians 14, whereby the laity take turns leading the meeting has been observed in this manner since the time of the apostles. The Indian Brethren for example claim to observed the Lords Supper Meeting since the Apostle Thomas came to them. It is believed the Baptists practised the Lords Supper Meeting in this manner as well up to the fifteenth century when they began to be known as Baptists rather than as previously when they too called themselves Brethren.

I Corinthians 11.20 expresses a fear on the part of the Apostle Paul that the Lords Supper Meeting was not the reason for meeting at Corinth.  The PB’s fear this as well about the majority of Christian groups that meet today without the Lords Supper Meeting as their main focus.

In the fourth century the Catholic church changed the Lords Supper Meeting into an addendum to be added at the end of a service. Addendum in the Latin language is where we get the name “MASS” from. The Reformation did not fully reform the church back to the pre-fourth century practice of observing the Lords Supper Meeting. The Indian brethren are the only group we know of that has observed this meeting unbroken since the time of the Apostle Thomas coming to them. The Plymouth Brethren formed in the 1830’s with the desire to restore this meeting to the church.

1 Thessalonians 4 tells us that there are several pastor(s), evangelist(s) and teacher(s) In the local church. Revelation tells us that all believers are priests. In fact the Protestant movement was formed on the belief in the priesthood of all believers. Because of this multiplicity of gifting by the Holy Spirit in the local assembly and because of the directions given in 1 Corinthians 14 which indicates that there are several speakers, several hymns and several prayers the Brethren have practiced this in the Lords Supper Meeting since the 1830’s. This pattern has also been practiced in other meetings of the church as well but most prevalently in the Lords Supper Meeting.

A friend of Bible Door, Roger Langley reminded me that the Lord’s Supper meeting is also the only meeting of the church that allows for the full expression of the priesthood of all believers (Rev 1.6). The belief in the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers is the belief that carried the Reformation movement and it is a belief that was never lost nor in need of reform by brethren groups since the time of Christ. Brethren is the term given to Christians far more often (200 x) in the New Testament than the term Christian itself. (Heb. 2.11,12).

This meeting has been held on a weekly basis uninterrupted since the inauguration of the Church 50 days after the Passover Sabbath which falls on a Sunday each year. It is also the day that the Lord Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. Originally this meeting was held at the supper hour 6pm and it included a meal. For the first 3 centuries Sunday was a regular work day so it was necessary to meet in the evening. The bible itself calls the meeting the Lords supper, indicating that it was practiced as a supper meeting (1 Cor. 11.20). Some assemblies still practice this meeting as a supper meeting today. I personally think that it is a shame that many churches have abandoned meeting at the supper hour and I would like to see them re-establish the Lords Supper Meeting in that abandoned time slot. Today many have to work on Sunday once again and a Supper Meeting would allow those persons to come and fellowship with those that have the day off.

The History of the KJV Bible