We believe that the books of Bob and Dierdre Bobgan are the best explanation of this type of heresy.  When Bob and Dierdre retired they made all of their books free of charge to download. A Heresy is something that goes against the Word of God. Sigmund Freud the father of Psychology said of himself that he was a godless Jew and in his writings he wrote about religious opression just called opression today. He talked about getting over your inhibitions and ignoring counsel designed to make you feel guilty.

God uses his laws and the guilt produced by violation of his laws as a way to show us that we need to be rescued from ourselves. God gives us depression so that we will turn to him (called godly sorrow in the Bible). The Bible tells us that when our sorrow fails to lead us to repentance not to be repented of that instead will lead us to death. (2 Cor. 7.10) Freud trys to take away your sorrow that is leading you to death but the true answer is to repent of whatever is causing yours sorrow.

Bob and Dierdre cover a large cross section of topics related to the heresy of Psychology today, including the largest problem for Gods people which is the invasion of Psychology into the Church which is becomming fairly prevalent today.

Psychoheresy Awareness Organization



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